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Open Adoption in Missouri [Find Out What it Means]

“If I ‘give my baby up’ for adoption, will I ever see my baby again?”

You may ask yourself this question if you are considering placing your baby for adoption. And yes, you can see your child through an open adoption. The definition of open adoption is communication between the birth mother and adoptive parents before, during and after the adoption process.

Did you know that open adoption in Missouri is the most common type of adoption, both in the Show Me State and in the rest of the United States? In a Missouri open adoption, you choose the frequency and type of communication in your adoption plan. This can range from emails, to phone calls, and in-person meetings every year, for example. While it is true that most adoptions used to be closed, that is no longer the case today.

All adoption stories are unique, and all adoptive families have different beliefs about adoption. Most adoptions today are open adoptions because many birth mothers want to see their child grow up, while many adoptive parents want to share their special adoption story with their child, their extended family and their friends.

Types of Open Adoption in Missouri [And Resources]

If you are considering choosing open adoption in Missouri, you may need to know what types of open adoption you can choose. All adoptions are different and can be a mixture of each category. American Adoptions has provided a brief list of open adoption types and explanations.

Open Adoption in Missouri

An open adoption is a relationship of open communication between birth parents and adoptive parents. Many open adoptions begin before the baby is born, but an open adoption in Missouri can also begin after the baby is born. Even if you choose your baby’s prospective parents while you’re pregnant, you can choose to talk to them at any time before or after birth.

Closed Adoption in Missouri

A closed adoption is the opposite of open adoption. In a closed adoption in Missouri, the birth mother and adoptive parents do not communicate at all in the adoption process. Sometimes, the birth mom and adoptive parents don’t know each other and sometimes they will never get the chance to meet.

Semi-Open Adoption in Missouri

A semi-open adoption is a mixture of closed and open adoption. In a semi-open adoption in Missouri, the birth mother and the adoptive parents do not share their private information. All communication is filtered through your adoption specialist or a third party mediator at your adoption agency. Neither the birth mom nor the adoptive parents will know each other’s phone number, address or email address. This arrangement is flexible because if both parties decide to make the adoption fully open or fully closed, they have the freedom to do so.

If you have questions about our open adoption services in Missouri, you can call American Adoptions at any time at 1-800-ADOPTION. You can also get free information online today.

Open Adoption in Missouri: Beginning the Process

In Missouri, open adoption can make your adoption process smooth and reassuring. Prospective birth mothers are often able to feel confident and secure in their adoption decision. Hopeful parents have the peace of mind of knowing important information about their child’s birth parents. Adoptees can maintain a strong connection to their heritage, develop a positive sense of identity and know they are loved by their birth and adoptive parents.

If you are choosing open adoption in Missouri, there are three steps that you can take to begin:

Step 1: Decide that an open adoption in Missouri is right for you and your family.

Step 2: Contact an adoption agency, like American Adoptions, to create a communication plan for your open adoption process.

Step 3: Find the perfect family for your baby and begin your open adoption communication plan.

American Adoptions takes a unique approach in helping you find the perfect parents for your baby. Our team of specialists and media experts helps each prospective family create family videos. We promote our families through video profiles because we want prospective birth mothers to hear parents answer questions, and to get a personal sense of what they’re like during their daily lives. Through family profiles, prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents can find their perfect match for an open adoption in Missouri.

Choosing the Family for an Open Adoption in Missouri

“It put a comfort in me knowing that they were as good as they said.” — Randi, a birth mother who worked with American Adoptions.

Maybe you have an ideal family in mind for your baby. You may want them to be like your own parents, live in the same state as you and practice the same religion as your family practices. On the other hand, you may want your child’s parents to be completely different from your family so that they can raise your child with unique experiences and opportunities.

If you have an ideal adoptive family in mind for your open adoption, that’s great. If you don’t have a family in mind, that’s okay. Your idea of the perfect family can grow and change when you begin to learn about prospective parents who want to start or expand their family through open adoption.

When you work with American Adoptions, you can view family profiles and family videos with the knowledge that all of our families are open to communicating with you through an open adoption. We can help you find your perfect family if you choose to follow these three steps:

Step 1: Decide whether you have your ideal adoptive family in mind for your open adoption and write those characteristics down.

Step 2: View family profiles and family videos to find the perfect family for your baby.

Step 3: Your adoption specialist can help you reach out to your family of choice. You can begin communicating at any time, when you’re ready for an open adoption.

Building Trust in an Open Adoption

Creating adoption plans and communication plans are just two of the steps in the open adoption process. Prospective birth parents and prospective adoptive parents can create both types of plans. When those plans match, then both sides can have a very fulfilling open adoption experience. But, what if those plans don’t match? Don’t worry, your adoption agent has you covered.

Remember that trust is built, not made. If you want to learn more about your adoptive parents of choice, you can build trust by communicating with them. If you begin your open adoption process with a hopeful family and your trust in them begins to decrease, you can let your adoption specialist reach out to them. Together, you can build the trust back up for your open adoption in Missouri.

Establishing a Clear Open Adoption Plan

Your wants and needs in an adoption are important which is why we work hard at American Adoptions to help you find your perfect match. If you can trust yourself and your choices, then you can trust your adoptive family. In order to be clear about your needs in an open adoption communication plan, you can begin with a semi-open adoption and go forward from there.

Prospective adoptive parents working with American Adoptions have expressed their desire to communicate with their birth mother in an open adoption, which can be a comforting fact for you. Our hopeful parents know that our birth mothers want the best for the baby. When hopeful parents are chosen by a prospective birth mom, they look forward to telling her how much they appreciate and care about her. They can tell you everything you need and want to know when you communicate with them through an open adoption.

Maintaining Boundaries [And Expectation Management]

An adoption plan is a list of things you would like in your adoption and things you would prefer not to have in your adoption. There is one section of your adoption plan devoted to communication during your open adoption. For example, you may want to meet the hopeful parents in person before the baby is born or you may not want to meet them in-person because you would prefer to talk on the phone.

When you create an open adoption plan, you can set your boundaries for your adoption. A boundary is a point between being comfortable and being uncomfortable. You may be okay with having both parents in the labor and delivery room with you, or you may prefer that the parents stay in the waiting area during delivery. Boundaries are healthy and they help make your open adoption process comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Expectations are involved for both parties, especially in an open adoption. You both can expect some level of communication in your open adoption and you can expect for your communication wishes to be respected.

How to Trust the Adoption Process

American Adoptions has over 30 years of open adoption experience. If you choose to work with us, you can trust that the screening process for our prospective families is very well-developed. Our staff of birth mothers, adoptive parents and adoptees has personal experience in trusting the adoption process.

We would never ask you to do something that we would not do ourselves. We believe in open adoption and we trust that open adoption can have very good results.

Patience and Growth through Communication

Building relationships takes time and effort. If you choose an adoptive family, you may connect instantly the first time you talk in an open adoption. Sometimes that connection may happen during your third or fifth chat. Each time you and your hopeful parents communicate, then that is a chance for your relationship to grow stronger.

Everyone has a different personality and communication style. When you, your adoption specialist and your hopeful parents are patient with one another then the open adoption process can be as tension-free as possible. If you trust your adoption plan, your communication plan and your choice of adoptive parents then you are on the right track to a fulfilling open adoption experience. But, if you feel like your patience in running low, you can reach out to your adoption specialist who can communicate with the prospective parents. Your specialist can help everyone get on the same page and move forward in harmony and growth toward a successful open adoption.

Benefits of an Open Adoption [Life After Adoption]

When you choose open adoption in Missouri, the benefits can impact you for the rest of your life.

First, you will likely see your child grow and develop with their adoptive family because of an open adoption.

The next benefit of open adoption is that you have the option of visiting your child - if that is what you and the adoptive parents agree to do.

Finally, with open adoption, your child is more likely to be comfortable with their adoption overall. You and the adoptive parents can answer all your child’s questions, allowing him or her a positive outlook on their place in the world.

Open adoption is built on trust in communication. Trust between birth mom, adoption specialist, prospective parents and the hands of each person in the adoption process. American Adoptions wants to earn your trust by offering you the best adoption services that we can. We love going the extra mile for you to have a successful open adoption journey.

When you are ready to choose open adoption, you can begin your open adoption process in Missouri with American Adoptions.

Step 1: Know the facts about open adoption in Missouri and if it is right for you and your baby.

Step 2: Contact American Adoptions, day or night, at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist about open adoption. You can also get free information online today.

Step 3: View family profiles and family videos to find the perfect family for your baby.

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