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The Rights of the Prospective Birth Father in Missouri

The rights of the father in your adoption in Missouri can be complicated. We’re here to help.

If you tell your husband, boyfriend or ex-partner that you are pregnant, and that he may be the father, you should know that he might have the same parental claim to the child as you do. It may be best for you both to seek counseling together to determine what is best for the baby –although it is ultimately your right to make the best decision for your life.

It is possible that the baby’s father is unsupportive, uncaring or absent. In these situations, you may be wondering how to “give a baby up” for adoption without consent in Missouri. The important thing to know is that adoption is a legal process, so you should always seek the help pf an experienced professional, like American Adoptions, to understand the father’s rights in adoption.

You can call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with a specialist about the rights of the father in your adoption situation. You can also get free information on our website today.

While the following should not be taken as adoption legal advice, this guide can help you understand more about the rights of the father in your adoption in Missouri.

Adoption without Consent of the Father in Missouri

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you can benefit from having a support system. The baby’s father may not be present, or he may be unsupportive of your decision to “give your child up” for adoption.

What does this mean? In Missouri, an absent father may still have the legal right to consent before you place your child for adoption. In other situations, the father’s consent may not be necessary.

At American Adoptions, we have helped prospective birth parents through the adoption process for over 30 years. We know that birth fathers have rights in Missouri. That’s why we work with trusted adoption attorneys to provide assistance in whatever situation you may find yourself.

It is important to consult with your adoption specialist and adoption attorney in certain situations to determine if your child can be adopted without the father’s consent in Missouri. The following situations are all possible when considering your relationship with the baby’s father:

  • You are married to the baby’s father or in a committed relationship with the baby’s father.

  • You are separated from the baby’s father or divorcing the baby’s father.

  • You are in a new relationship with the baby’s father at the time of pregnancy.

  • You are in a new relationship with someone other than the baby’s father at the time of pregnancy.

  • You are not in a relationship with the baby’s father, but you are both on good terms.

  • You are in an unhealthy relationship with the baby’s father at the time of pregnancy.

  • You are not sure who the father of the baby is or you are no longer in contact with the baby’s father.

These are examples of the situations that American Adoptions specialists have worked with. No one can tell you for certain if you can “give a baby up” for adoption without the father’s consent. This can be a complex process and is best handled by your adoption agency and your adoption attorney.

If you would like to speak with an American Adoptions specialist today about placing your baby for adoption without consent of the baby’s father, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time. You can also get free information online today.

Birth Father Rights in Adoption [When a Potential Father Steps Forward]

There are instances in which the father of an unborn child may be required to give consent for adoption. If he has legal parental rights in Missouri, then he may be notified if there are any actions to terminate his rights and any court proceedings regarding the child - including adoption. You may be wondering how a father can establish paternity in Missouri, here’s how:

  • A child declares the father and child relationship

  • A baby’s mother declares the father and child relationship

  • Any person who has physical/legal custody of a child for more than 60 days

  • A man declaring himself to be the baby’s father

  • The Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division, declares paternity

It is possible for a prospective birth mother to choose adoption for the baby without the consent of the birth father. At American Adoptions, we have experience helping prospective birth mothers create adoption plans with or without the father’s consent or support. If the father’s rights disrupt the adoption process in Missouri, we can help you through the difficulties and frustrations that disruption can cause.

You can ask us about your baby’s father’s rights today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or you can contact us online at any time for free adoption information.

Birth Father Adoption Laws in Missouri

Notifying the father of your unplanned pregnancy can be a delicate and complicated situation in Missouri. Whether you know the baby’s father or not, he can claim his parental rights. Once you have chosen adoption in Missouri and the baby’s father is notified, he can choose to give up his parental rights or he can be supportive and involved with the adoption.

In situations where the father has acknowledged his paternity but he is unsupportive, you may need to get help from an adoption attorney regarding the father’s parental right to his unborn child.

American Adoptions has a trusted network of adoption attorneys that can help you through your legal adoption process, regardless of the prospective father’s consent to the adoption in Missouri. We have worked with prospective birth mothers who do not know the baby’s father, who have an unsupportive prospective birth father and women who are in a relationship with an abusive birth father. In situations of abuse or rape, state law may override the birth father’s right to parental consent.

Your situation with the birth father does not have to disrupt your choice of adoption. Each situation should be handled safely and legally. If you and your baby’s father have questions about adoption and parental rights in Missouri, you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION today, or you can get free information online at any time.

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