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Lee's Summit, Missouri Adoption Resources for You

If you have been considering adoption, you may want to know if it’s right for your family. Adoption can be a positive and rewarding experience.

Adoption is a choice that is available to you in Lee’s Summit, Missouri through American Adoptions. You can get peace of mind and reassurance that your child is loved and cared for when you are a prospective birth mother choosing adoption with us. As an adoptive family, you can know the love of a child and the experience of a unique family journey with the help of our professional staff.

You can benefit from contacting our adoption agency to learn about the adoption process, and to get the support of an adoption specialist.

Here’s what we provide and what you can look for in an adoption agency in Lee’s Summit, MO:

American Adoptions is your adoption agency for all these services, and more. You can get free information online today or contact us by phone at 1-800-ADOPTION now.

Choosing Adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO

“I am sure that we made the right decision, especially now that I know what it takes to raise a child.” – Shawn, a birth father who worked with American Adoptions.

Do you want to know if adoption in Lee’s Summit is right for your family? Adoption is a special, life-long commitment. When you choose adoption, you can have peace of mind for you and your child. There is the benefit of knowing that your child is with a loving family. Seeing your child grow and learn is a benefit of choosing open adoption.

If you are a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and you want to know if you’ll be able to place your child for adoption in Lee’s Summit, know that you are strong and brave enough to make that decision. You can get the support you need with us at American Adoptions. You can contact us online at any time for free adoption information.

Adoption can be a difficult decision, but many birth mothers have done it successfully. If you want to give your child a rich and fulfilling life that you know they deserve, you can choose adoption.

As hopeful parents, you may want to know how choosing adoption can change your family. Your family can grow in love and contentment. Adoption is a selfless act for a child who needs you. You can choose adoption because the opportunity to love a child can add joy to your family.

If you need support or have questions about choosing adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO, you can contact American Adoptions online at any time. You can also call us at 1-800-ADOPTION now.

Find Adoption Agencies in Lee’s Summit, MO [How to Get Started]

What does an adoption agency do, and what can we do for you?

Adoption agencies are the adoption experts you need for a successful adoption process. Our adoption agency will work with you to help you find the right family for your baby, provide counseling, guide you through the adoption process and more. There are some important services to look for when choosing an adoption agency in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Here is a checklist that American Adoptions has created to show you some of the important services that we offer — services that you will find at the best adoption agencies in Lee’s Summit:

  • Our agency specialists are available to talk to you at any time, day or night. This is important, because you need your questions answered. The adoption process is an active process, which means things can change quickly. You need to be able to speak with your adoption specialist when important events occur that may affect your adoption process.

  • We have a local and national presence. This means that we are able to find matches in your state and in other states.

  • Our agency is fully licensed and certified to perform each step of the adoption process in Lee’s Summit, MO. Licensing is important for adoption services because the process must follow local and state laws and procedures.

  • We offer plans to protect your finances. For prospective adoptive parents who work with us, this financial insurance is the Risk-Sharing Program. Because of this program, an adoption disruption does not have to turn into a financial crisis. Prospective birth parents, on the other hand, never have to pay any costs to place a child for adoption. We offer you the chance to qualify for financial assistance — having your living expenses paid by the hopeful adoptive family of your choice.

  • Our agency has a network of adoption professionals to serve you and your needs. We provide you with access to all the professionals you need for every step of the adoption process because we are a full-service adoption agency.

To have all these things in one place and experience the best version of the adoption process, look no further than American Adoptions.

To learn more about American Adoptions’ services and how we can help you with the adoption process, you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION now. You can also get free information any time online to prepare you for adoption in Lee’s Summit.

More Adoption Professionals in Lee’s Summit, MO [Know Who Is Involved]

Many adoption professionals are required for a successful adoption journey in Lee’s Summit. You will need adoption attorneys, social workers, home study specialists and caseworkers.

Our agency can benefit you even more with professionals that are personally familiar with adoption. Our staff at American Adoptions is made up of birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents who can answer all of your adoption questions. Contact us today to learn how we can connect you with important adoption professionals.

Here’s a quick run-down of the professionals that might be involved in your adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Adoption Attorneys in Lee’s Summit

Your adoption process may require you to find your own adoption attorney. In cases of independent adoption or other legal circumstances, you may be required to speak with an adoption attorney. Here are a few adoption attorneys in Lee’s Summit, MO:

Foster Care Adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO

Newborn adoption is not your only option for adopting a child.

If you are considering foster parenting, foster-to-adopt or foster care adoption, there are foster care services in Lee’s Summit, MO. Foster care adoption may be right for you if you want to provide for a child in need regardless of race and age. Contact these local foster care experts in Lee’s Summit to learn more:

International Adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO

You can find adoption opportunities beyond domestic adoption agencies.

International adoption has its own set of rules and regulations that must comply with state and local requirements. Although international adoption is becoming less common, it is still an option. If you believe that international adoption is right for you, then you can find an international adoption agency near Lee’s Summit.

Adoption Home Study Professionals in Lee’s Summit

The adoption home study in Lee’s Summit, MO, must be completed by a licensed adoption agency. The adoption home study is a review of home safety and a family assessment to verify that your family is prepared and your home is safe for your future child. American Adoptions is licensed in the state of Missouri, which means that we can perform your adoption home study in Lee’s Summit.

You can contact us online for free information. You can also call us today at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist about our home study services. Even if you are not working with our agency, we can perform your adoption home study in Lee’s Summit and across Missouri.

Adoption Resources in Lee’s Summit, MO for Prospective Birth Parents

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you can get support from people who understand what you are going through. Pregnancy can be stressful and difficult to face alone, whether this is your first pregnancy or if you have given birth before. You can choose adoption at any stage of your pregnancy. There is no cost to place your child for adoption in Lee’s Summit, or anywhere in the United States.

American Adoptions of Missouri is staffed by birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. We understand the true meaning of adoption, which means we will be there to help you feel safe, confident and hopeful.

Let’s review a few key parts of the adoption process that you can experience with our support.

Finding the Perfect Adoptive Family

Hopeful adoptive families are eager to love and care for your child. When you choose adoption, you choose the family that you want to place your child with. If you would like to watch your child grow up, you can choose to communicate with the adoptive family through open adoption.

Research shows that open adoption is healthy for the birth parents, the hopeful parents and the child. With American Adoptions, you can get the benefits of open adoption and we can help you communicate with your prospective adoptive parents.

Your adoption specialist can send you family profiles to read and you can watch our unique family videos to see where families live, work, play and more. With American Adoptions, you can find hopeful parents for adoption in Lee’s Summit and across the country. Because we work with more families than most other agencies, you will have a better chance of finding a family you think will be perfect for your baby.

“I went onto the internet and found American Adoptions. I was connected to an adoption specialist… and I told her that I made the decision…that the best thing for my child was to give him an opportunity of a normal life. It was then she told me about this couple that has tried fertility and adoption several times. They were the same nationality and religion as my boyfriend and I and they were financially and emotionally stable. It was then and there that I chose them to parent my child.” – Jamie, a birth mother who worked with American Adoptions.

Receiving Financial Assistance for Adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO

You never have to pay any cost to place your child for adoption. Your prospective adoptive parents pay for any medical expenses that Medicaid and insurance do not cover. You may even qualify for having your living expenses paid by your prospective adoptive parents. You can contact us today to learn what options we can provide for your living expenses.

Creating a Hospital Plan for Your Adoption

You get to create your adoption plan and birth plan to meet your needs and wants — all with the support of your personal adoption specialist. These plans include communication levels with your prospective adoptive parents, where you want your child to live and the level of contact you want during labor and delivery.

If you have questions about birth services and the process of labor and delivery, you can contact your local medical facility. Here are hospitals near you in Lee’s Summit:

When you are ready to talk to an adoption specialist, you can call us today at 1-800-ADOPTION, or you can get free adoption information online. You can start your adoption process in Lee’s Summit, MO at any time.

Starting Your Adoption in Lee’s Summit [3 Steps]

At American Adoptions we are excited to give you the services and support you need for adoption in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Starting the adoption process with us only requires three steps:

Step 1: Know that adoption is the right choice for your family.

Step 2: Get the adoption resources you need to have a smooth and successful adoption journey.

Step 3: Contact American Adoptions online at any time or by phone at 1-800-ADOPTION.

You can choose adoption in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and American Adoptions can help you reach your adoption goals.

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