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The U.S. Adoption Process in Missouri

If you’ve been looking for ways to build your family, you might be curious about the US adoption process in Missouri.

Adoption can be an incredible and special journey for everyone involved, but the process itself can also seem complicated. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

You can call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with one of our team members here at American Adoptions and to learn more about the US adoption process in Missouri.

You can also keep reading to learn more.

Starting the Adoption Process: How to Begin

One of the first questions most hopeful adoptive parents have about the US adoption process in Missouri is, “How do I get started?”

One of your first steps in the adoption process should be connecting with an adoption agency that can help you along the way.

An adoption agency is designed to help everyone involved in the adoption, including:

  • The birth parents
  • The hopeful adoptive family
  • The adoptee

When you choose to work with an adoption agency, you’ll have someone working with you from start to finish. Your adoption specialist will be available to answer your questions, as well as to help you:

The right adoption agency will guide you throughout the adoption process. They’ll answer your questions, assist you with legal paperwork and make sure you understand all of your options throughout your journey.

Choosing an Adoption Agency

When you’re wondering how to adopt a child in the US in Missouri, you might be wondering exactly how you can find the best adoption agency.

The truth is that you have a lot of agencies you can choose from, but there are several things you should look for when starting the US adoption process in Missouri.

  • National Reach – If you work with a small, locally-owned adoption agency, you may not be able to connect with a birth mother in other states. Aim to find a national adoption agency that can operate in any state. When you work with an agency like American Adoptions, you’ll benefit from a national agency that has a local agency feel. This is because you’ll receive personalized care throughout the adoption experience.
  • Marketing Strategies – When you’re ready to adopt a child, you’ll need to match with a birth mother. Choose an agency that is willing to help market your waiting family profile so you can match with the perfect birth mother for your family.
  • Support and Counseling – The right adoption agency should offer support and counseling services to everyone involved in the adoption. Here at American Adoptions, we take your journey seriously. We want to make sure that everyone involved has the best experience possible, which is why we offer 24/7 support to birth mothers who work with us at our agency.

What Birth Parents Say About Adoption

One of the biggest reasons that birth parents enjoy working with adoption agencies is that they receive support and encouragement throughout the adoption experience.

Michelle, a birth mother, loves her job at American Adoptions because of this. Michelle chose to make the loving decision to place her child for adoption. Now she has the opportunity to work with other birth mothers on a regular basis.

Another birth mother, Markley, says of her adoption experience, “I believe that my purpose is to help other women who are walking through their own adoption journey, and I am so thankful for my son because he gave that to me. In the end, adoption is a really beautiful thing.”

What Adoptive Parents Say About Adoption

The US adoption process in Missouri looks different for every family, but hearing about the experiences of other adoptive parents can give you a better understanding of what to expect when you pursue adoption.

One adoptive mother, Kelli, looks back on her adoption experience and says, “The biggest thing about American Adoptions was having the social work aspect for me and the mom; that’s the big picture here,” she remembers. “It was also being able to have an open adoption, even though that’s not our situation right now; that was important for me.”

Adoptive dad Tripper also looks back on his experience by saying, “You have to trust the process — American Adoptions has great people who have tons of experience,” Tripper said. “We could not have asked for a more beautiful baby… Those stressful times were all worth it.”

Adoption Finalization: What Families Need to Know

While the US adoption process in Missouri is a wonderful and rewarding experience, it’s important to remember that adoption doesn’t end at placement.

After your child is placed with you, you’ll need to go through adoption finalization. During this process, you may have a post-adoption home visit to make sure everyone is adjusting well to your new child. You’ll also meet with a judge to become your child’s legal parents.

When you work with an agency like American Adoptions, we’ll be with you from start to finish. From your home study to matching and then to finalization, we’ll help you through both the legal and emotional sides of adoption.

If you’re ready to start the US adoption process in Missouri, reach out today.

You can call our team at 1-800-ADOPTION or visit us online.

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