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Missouri Adoption Centers [How They Differ from Adoption Agencies]

If you’re considering adoption as a way of building a family of your own, you may have heard the term “adoption centers” and wondered what they are. Just what are Missouri adoption centers, and what do they have to do with adoption?  

This is just one of many questions you may have about MO adoption centers and adoption law centers. In short, these organizations work on portions of the adoption process but don’t usually offer the full range of services offered by licensed adoption agencies.

There are many kinds of adoption professionals, and deciding which one will best suit your needs requires knowledge of organizations like Missouri adoption centers, adoption law centers, and licensed adoption agencies such as American Adoptions.

The differences between licensed adoption agencies, adoption law centers, adoption attorneys, and child adoption centers in MO are vast, and your choice can influence your adoption experience greatly. That’s why speaking with a professional is a good idea.

We’re can help with that. To speak to someone today, please complete our online form or call 1-800-ADOPTION. In the meantime, read on as we cover everything you need to know about MO adoption centers and adoption law centers, what they do (and don’t do), and how they differ from licensed adoption agencies like American Adoptions. 

What are MO Adoption Centers? [What’s Their Purpose?]

MO adoption centers for babies don’t focus on all parts of the adoption process. Instead, they assist only with matching pregnant women who wish to place a child with waiting parents hoping to adopt. Adoption centers are not adoption agencies, however. MO baby adoption centers aren’t licensed or regulated in any way, and center staff, known as adoption facilitators, aren’t as skilled as the adoption professionals working with licensed agencies.

Adoption centers in Missouri are adept at rapidly pairing pregnant women with prospective adoptive families because that’s all they do. As a result, adoption wait times are usually shorter with MO adoption centers. The downside is they don’t offer other necessary services, so you’ll have to find external providers to complete your adoption.

Working with adoption centers in Missouri can be risky because hopeful adoptive parents may encounter pitfalls such as:

  • No accountability: Unlike adoption agencies that are annually reviewed and licensed in each state in which they operate, there is absolutely no oversight of MO adoption centers. They aren’t regulated in any way by any governmental agency, so the chances of encountering exploitative practices are greater. You’re also more likely to hear unfounded claims about things like adoption wait times from adoption centers in MO because no one is checking up on them.
  • Contracts that expire: You may receive a reasonable upfront estimate of your adoption cost with MO adoption centers. However, one common practice involves 12-month expiring contracts. If you haven’t made an adoption match in that time, you may be required to pay additional fees that drive your overall adoption cost higher and extend wait times. An unscrupulous adoption center can even intentionally delay a match to collect more fees because no one is scrutinizing their actions and holding them accountable.
  • Financial risks from disrupted adoption: At American Adoptions, we protect prospective adoptive families from financial losses related to disrupted adoption with our Risk-Sharing program. Adoption centers don’t extend that protection, however. If a disrupted adoption occurs, you could face significant financial losses. Even though some MO adoption centers may offer disruption insurance, it just means that you can roll over your adoption investment into another opportunity, whether you plan to immediately pursue another adoption opportunity or not.

What Are MO Adoption Law Centers? [What Do They Do?]

The similarity between adoption law centers and adoption centers for kids in MO is that they both work primarily on matching hopeful families with pregnant women who want to place their child. The difference is that adoption law centers are incorporated by a lawyer whose legal practices are regulated by the state bar.

That doesn’t mean adoption law centers are regulated or licensed, though. The only time the incorporating lawyer is scrutinized is when a complaint is filed.

Adoption law centers, like adoption centers in MO, offer no social support services to the parties in an adoption. They’re only concerned with making the match, then the parties are delegated to external agencies to finalize the adoption. Most adoption law centers don’t even offer adoption legal services in-house.

Why Should You Choose American Adoptions Instead of Adoption Centers in Missouri?

As you can see, the few positives of working with MO adoption centers are outweighed by the potential risks for many hopeful parents. Fortunately, you can avoid the predatory practices of unlicensed adoption centers and consultants by working with American Adoptions. Unlike adoption centers for babies in Missouri, American Adoptions is a fully licensed national adoption agency.

One of the many ways our agency differs from adoption centers in MO is that our staff is made up of adoption professionals with years of experience. We also offer a full range of adoption services beyond adoption advertising and matching services. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Around-the-clock access to trained professionals offering support and counseling
  • Assistance with the adoption home study for prospective adoptive parents
  • Adoption legal support
  • Adoption financial assistance for expectant birth mothers
  • And many other quality adoption services

Adoption is complicated, and we get that. By working with a licensed agency offering the full scope of services you need under one roof, you can make the process much simpler. We won’t hand you off to other adoption professionals after making a match, unlike adoption centers in MO. Your American Adoptions specialist will be your guide through the duration of the process.

You can expect that high level of support from American Adoptions, but you won’t find it with the average adoption center for kids in MO. Our team of professionals is not only vastly experienced, but many of our specialists are birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees who are personally familiar with the process and want to help you.

Pros and Cons of Working with an MO Kid Adoption Center or Adoption Law Center

Again, if you really want to learn about the differences between licensed adoption agencies and child adoption centers in MO, you can find the answers by examining the pros and cons of choosing an adoption center. Please read below for additional information.

MO Adoption Center/ Adoption Law Center Pros

  • Big advertising budgets: Yes, an adoption law center or adoption center for kids in MO may commit more resources to advertise in the form of bigger advertising budgets. However, that’s because they’re only concerned with connecting expectant birth mothers and prospective adoptive families in adoption. Therefore, they can afford to advertise to birth mothers across the U.S. to expedite the matching process.
  • Abbreviated adoption wait times: Though it’s not always the case, some prospective adoptive parents may experience shorter wait times when using a MO adoption center or adoption law center. Conversely, some hopeful parents go through a lengthy matching process when working with an adoption agency. Adoption law centers and kid adoption centers in MO focus on one part of adoption, which allows them to quickly match expectant pregnant women with waiting families. However, it’s worth noting that you can influence your wait time when using a licensed adoption agency by opening up your preferences in your Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ) to ensure you get the maximum number of adoption opportunities.

Again, adoption centers in MO aren’t held accountable for their claims, and they don’t have to be truthful about things like wait times because no one is fact-checking them. On the other hand, American Adoptions will always provide wait time estimates that are as accurate as possible and full cost transparency. Consider that when making your decision.  

MO Adoption Center/ Adoption Law Center Cons

  • Absolutely no regulation: Adoption agencies are annually licensed in every state that they operate, but adoption law centers and baby adoption centers in MO face no such scrutiny. MO adoption centers aren’t reviewed or regulated, even if they claim to be. Some adoption law centers may say they’re governed by the state bar, but that’s only half true. The bar oversees the incorporating lawyer, but the center itself faces no regulation whatsoever.
  • No social or legal adoption services: Adoption centers in MO don’t generally concern themselves with providing other needed services once the adoption match is made. Therefore, you’ll get passed off to outside organizations (that you may or may not have chosen) for things like counseling and support. Working with American Adoptions simplifies the process because your agency will provide all the services you need within one organization, and your specialists will all be highly trained professionals.
  • Higher risk of adoption disruption: There are no social services offered by adoption law centers and child adoption centers in MO, so you may be at greater risk of experiencing a disrupted adoption. Unlike licensed adoption agencies such as American Adoptions, Missouri adoption centers don’t counsel birth mothers to ensure adoption is their best option. Also, adoptive parents don’t get the needed training and guidance. Unfortunately, the result is a failed adoption.
  • Costs can be volatile: Most adoption centers in MO offer potential adoptive families an upfront price estimate. However, that estimate is based on a best-case scenario and the overall cost increases due to additional fees stemming from unexpected issues. Another common practice of some MO adoption centers is forcing hopeful adoptive parents into 12-month contracts at one price, then adding on fees once the contract expires to drive up the overall cost.
  • No financial protection: Missouri adoption centers don’t provide adoptive families with legitimate protection against the financial fallout of disrupted adoption. Even if they claim to offer protection in the form of a refund, it’s a “roll-over” refund that only lets prospective adoptive families use the funds on another adoption opportunity, whether they’re ready to try again or not. At American Adoptions, our Risk-Sharing program offers a true refund to families when disruptions occur, unlike most adoption centers in MO.

There are positive and negative aspects associated with MO adoption centers, and you should consider them when choosing an adoption professional. It’s worth repeating that many expectant mothers and hopeful families find that choosing a licensed adoption agency like American Adoption gives them the best support from licensed, compassionate professionals.

Final Thoughts on MO Adoption Centers/ Adoption Law Centers [The Support You Need]

While it may be true that adoption law centers and adoption centers in Missouri can find adoption matches quickly, you should know there’s far more to adoption than making a match. Shorter wait times a great, but not at the expense of missing out on the full range of services necessary to create successful, satisfying adoptions.  

We want to help you learn how adoption centers in MO and licensed adoption agencies differ. If you’d like to speak with an adoption professional today, please complete our free online form or call 1-800-ADOPTION to get started.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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