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Requirements for Adopting a Child in Missouri [How You Become Eligible]

Do you meet the requirements for adoption in Missouri?

American Adoptions wants to educate and prepare all qualified hopeful parents for domestic infant adoption in Missouri. Understanding the requirements for adoption in Missouri is one of the first steps toward your adoption.

We know you have questions, and we want you to speak with an American Adoptions professional when you are ready. You can contact us online at any time.

In the meantime, we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the criteria for adopting a child in Missouri. Here are the requirements for adoption that we’ll cover:

  • Age of 21 years or older is required

  • A background check is required

  • Good physical and mental health is required

  • Stable income is required

  • A home study is required

  • Adoption agency involvement is required

The Basic Requirements for Adoption in Missouri, Explained

What Are the Age Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

According to Missouri law, you must be at least 21 years or older to adopt a child. If a married couple is adopting jointly in Missouri, both must be over 21 years of age, and both must agree to the adoption.

Missouri only requires an individual to be 21 years or older, but it’s important to know that adoption agencies may have their own age requirements. Make sure to check with any agency you’re considering about their internal requirements for adoption in Missouri.

Are There Background Check Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

All prospective adoptive parents in Missouri will undergo a child abuse/neglect record check and a criminal record check.

If you have committed a crime, you should speak with an adoption specialist at our agency to learn about your eligibility to adopt. Certain felonies related to assault, abuse, neglect or crimes involving children would mean that you do not meet the qualifications to adopt in Missouri.

You can contact us online to find out more about your eligibility to adopt.

What Are the Physical and Mental Health Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

As a hopeful parent, you must have documented physical and mental health evaluations to determine that you are fit to care for a child. Request these records from your established healthcare and behavioral health providers.

You can talk to us if you have physical or mental health concerns that you think may affect your eligibility to become a prospective adoptive parent. Our adoption specialists are available to answer your questions when you contact us online

Are There Any Income Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

You must submit financial documents for review by your adoption specialist at our agency. Adoption is a rewarding and lifelong investment of love and support for your child, and you want finances to be the least of your worries.

Ask us about how to apply for adoption grants and loans. When you work with us, you get the guarantee of our Risk-Sharing Program to protect your investment. This is our way of insuring your funds if an adoption disruption occurs.

What Are the Home Study Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

The adoption home study is more than a home inspection. This process includes gathering various documents for each prospective adoptive parent and having family assessment interviews.

Missouri adoption law requires that licensed agencies perform adoption home studies. American Adoptions of Missouri is a fully licensed agency, which means we provide the adoption home study professionals that you need in our full-service adoption process.

Are There Any Adoption Agency Requirements for Adoption in Missouri?

While an adoption agency is not technically required, it is highly recommended. We are a fully licensed adoption agency in the state of Missouri which means we can legally facilitate the adoption process in Missouri. You can contact our agency online if you have questions about our licensing and certification.

If you’re still searching for the right agency, you can experience the best version of your adoption process with the support and services of American Adoptions of Missouri.

American Adoptions provides additional services outside of the requirements for adoption in Missouri. We provide matching services and adoption education for both prospective birth parents and hopeful parents. This means that we publish your family profile and video so that your information is available to birth mothers across the United States, and we invest significantly in adoption advertising to decrease wait times. You will also learn more about the adoption process through seminars and free adoption information.

You can contact American Adoptions anytime online to get started with your adoption specialist today.

Common Questions about Missouri Adoption Requirements (And the Answers You Need)

Am I too old to adopt a child in Missouri?

Most likely, no. If you are over age 21 and you meet the qualifications then you are eligible to adopt in Missouri. Some agencies do have age limits to adopt, so be sure to ask your agency before committing to the process.

How old must a child be in order to be adopted in Missouri?

A prospective adoptee can be any age as long as they meet the free for adoption requirements in Missouri.

Do I have to be married to adopt a child in Missouri?

No. Single individuals may be eligible to adopt a child in Missouri if they meet the qualifications. Speak with your adoption specialist to learn about agency marital preferences.

If we are an unmarried couple can we jointly adopt a child in Missouri?

Maybe, depending on the ordinances in the city where you live in Missouri and the requirements of the agency you hope to work with. Discuss these situations with your adoption specialist to learn their preferences and policies.

Can I get a loan to help me adopt a newborn in Missouri?

Yes, you can apply for adoption loans from certain loan companies. You can be eligible for an adoption loan depending on a credit check and your financial status.

Can I get a grant to help me adopt a newborn in Missouri?

Possibly, but you must complete and submit a grant application for approval. While adoption grants are available through many private and public organizations, it is never guaranteed that you will receive one.

If I have a criminal record, will I meet the qualifications to adopt in Missouri?

Maybe. Eligibility to become a prospective adoptive parent in Missouri is determined by your crime, but this is at the discretion of the adoption agency and the court system (pending your background check).

If your crimes were against children, sexual or violent in nature, then you will not meet the requirements for adoption in Missouri.

I have never had any children, can I adopt in Missouri?

Yes. If you meet the Missouri adoption requirements, even if you do not have children already, you are eligible to adopt in Missouri.

For domestic newborn adoption, do I need to work with an adoption agency?

Yes, all prospective adoptive parents can benefit from working with an adoption agency like American Adoptions of Missouri. Not only will our agency help you understand the qualifications for adoption in Missouri, but we’ll also provide the important services and support you need to complete the process.

You deserve to experience the best possible version of the adoption process. American Adoptions can be the agency that helps you.

If you live in Missouri and you want to adopt a newborn in the U.S., please contact an adoption specialist at American Adoptions. You can click here to get more free adoption information online.

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