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Finding Adoptive Parents in Missouri [View Family Profiles]

You may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and you may be considering choosing adoption for your baby. Did you know that you can choose your baby’s adoptive parents in Missouri? In most open adoptions, the prospective birth mother can choose and communicate with the parents that she wants to raise her baby.

American Adoptions wants prospective birth mothers and hopeful parents to find one another. We make the matching process as easy and stress-free as possible by providing family profiles and family videos. Family videos are a unique service that American Adoptions provides because we want prospective birth mothers to get a personal look at families in their daily lives.

Our media and content teams work hard to help hopeful families present themselves, their homes and their lifestyles in a genuine and realistic way. Because of this, you have a great chance of finding a family you truly believe in. Additionally, you can look through hundreds of family profiles, because we are a national adoption agency.

If you have questions about finding parents to adopt a baby in Missouri or you have identified a potential adoption match, you can call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist today. You can also get free information online at any time.

How to Find Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

“It might sound cheesy, but I thought maybe that was some sort of sign telling me they were a good family to choose.” — Janelle, a birth mother who worked with American Adoptions.

You may be nervous and unsure about the prospective parents looking to adopt a baby in Missouri, and that’s okay. But, you don’t have to feel that way.

If you would like to find adoptive parents for your baby in Missouri, you can view as many family profiles as you’d like. American Adoptions makes it easy to read about families or view family profile videos again and again while you decide. Because we are a national adoption agency, you will have hundreds of profiles to choose from, whereas smaller agencies may only provide a small handful of options.

Here are the three steps to help you find the perfect parents for your baby in Missouri:

Step 1: Decide what your ideal couple looks like. You can choose the race, domestic location, education level of your prospective adoptive parents and more.

Step 2: View family profiles and watch family videos. Your adoption specialist can send you adoption profiles online of families based on age, religion, location and more. You can even save family adoption profiles in Missouri and speak with your adoption specialist if you have questions about any of your choices.

Step 3: Let your adoption specialist know who the hopeful parents are that you have chosen to adopt your baby.

An adoption match begins when you choose a family looking to adopt a child. The hopeful parents are notified by your adoption specialist. If the prospective adoptive parents accept the opportunity, then your match is complete. You can all move forward with your adoption plan, and your specialist can help you communicate with your chosen family in a way makes you feel comfortable.

American Adoptions knows that all of our prospective birth parents are ready to give a child a loving home. We want you to take all the time that you need to learn about our prospective adoptive parents. If you find a family looking to adopt a baby in Missouri, you can call and speak with an adoption specialist at 1-800-ADOPTION today. You can also contact us online at any time.

How Are Prospective Adoptive Parents Screened for Adoption?

You may be wondering how hopeful families are screened and chosen to create family adoption profiles online. All parents who are looking to adopt a child must meet state and local law qualifications and adoption agency requirements. When you view adoption profiles, you can rest assured that the hopeful parents and their children have all met each requirement.

Beyond that, you can be confident that you are looking at the best hopeful adoptive families because of our personal adoption experience. American Adoptions’ staff is made up of birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. We know what it takes to be a great adoptive family, and we look for that in everyone we work with.

These are the requirements that families must meet in order to have their adoption profiles advertised with American Adoptions.

Age Requirement

The age of each prospective adoptive parent must be 21 or older, according to Missouri law. Some agencies may require different age ranges and you can talk to agencies to find out their preferences.

Background Checks

Prospective adoptive couples must have a background check. This check will include child neglect/abuse history and criminal history. If either hopeful parent has committed a crime, the court will decide if they are eligible to adopt a child. No one can adopt a child if they have committed violent crimes or crimes against children.

A Home Study

A home study is performed to make sure that the family’s home is safe, and that hopeful adoptive parents and their children are ready for a new family member. Missouri requires the home study specialist to work in a licensed agency. This means that the agency has been given certification by the state to perform the home study. American Adoptions is a fully licensed agency, which means we can perform home studies for our hopeful adoptive families and other families outside of our agency.

Commitment to Adoption

Our hopeful adoptive families are interviewed by our social workers and counselors. This means that we check their medical records and mental health records as well as references from their extended family, coworkers and friends. Many hopeful adoptive families have struggled with infertility, which is an emotional and difficult experience. We want to make sure that they have had time to grieve their infertility and move forward with the process of adoption.

During the one-on-one interview, we ask hopeful adoptive parents why they want to adopt a child and what their plans are for their child’s future. These are important questions for prospective birth mothers to know and they are often answered with enthusiasm by hopeful adoptive parents in their adoption profiles and videos.

Open to Communication

American Adoptions believes in open adoption, and we know the positive effects that communication can have for birth mothers and adoptive parents. All of our families are open to communicating with their prospective birth mothers. This is important to us because most of our team of birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive families have personal experience with the positive relationships developed through open adoption. Research has also shown the benefits of open adoption for the child during their lifetime.

Do I have to Find Adoptive Parents on My Own?

We encourage you to have a support system as you search for you newborn’s adoptive parents. You can view adoptive profiles online and family videos with your partner and all members of your family. Your adoption specialist is an excellent resource to answer your questions about our hopeful adoptive families and offer you support.

The process of finding a family to adopt your baby in Missouri may be difficult for you, and that’s okay. Emotions can change throughout the adoption process which is why we have professionals to help you at any time. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your adoption decisions.

American Adoptions believes in all of the adoptive families that you can view on our website. We know that they are ready parents, and we believe you can find your baby’s perfect adoptive parents among them.

You can begin viewing our adoption profiles online today, and you can give us a call at any time at 1-800-ADOPTION. You can also reach out to us online for more free information.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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