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Adoption Definition in Missouri

If you’ve been thinking about building your family through adoption, you might have some questions about common adoption words and phrases.

Here’s what you need to know about the definition of adoption in Missouri.

What is Adoption?

The definition of adoption in Missouri is very straightforward.

Adoption is when a birth mother makes the brave and loving decision to forego parenting and to choose a loving adoptive family to raise her child.

A birth mother will have the opportunity to select the family she feels would be best for her baby. Then, she’ll sign over her legal parenting rights. These rights will be transferred to the adoptive family. The baby’s adoptive family will then become the baby’s legal parents.

Why Do People Choose Adoption?

As you consider the adopting definition in Missouri, you might be wondering why adoptive families and birth mothers alike choose adoption.

For adoptive families, adoption means having the opportunity to welcome a child into their family. Some adoptive parents are unable to physically become pregnant. Others are unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term. There are also adoptive families who can become pregnant but who want the chance to help a birth mother, so they choose adoption as their family-building choice.

The definition of adoptive parents in Missouri is parents who did not physically give birth to a child but who become that baby’s legal parents.

Birth mothers choose adoption for many different reasons. Some birth mothers don’t feel ready for parenting. Others want to pursue their career or education and are unable to parent a child at this point. Other birth mothers simply don’t feel that they’re in a position to parent a child. They may be in an unsafe situation or not have the resources they need to parent.

Birth mothers who make the loving decision to choose adoption for their baby are very brave. Adoption isn’t an easy decision to make, but it’s one of the most incredible choices a birth mother can make.

Benefits of Adoption for the Triad

As you consider the adopting definition in Missouri, you might be wondering about the benefits of adoption.

For the birth mother, adoption means that she’ll be able to offer her baby the chance to grow up in a safe, loving and kind family. A birth mother who chooses open adoption will also have the opportunity to keep in touch with her baby, which means she’ll never have to worry about whether she made the right decision for her child.

She’ll know.

For the adoptive family, the adopting definition in Missouri means that they’ll have a chance to welcome a child into their family. Whether a child’s adoptive family has dealt with infertility or simply feels that adoption is the best choice, adoption offers a wonderful way for parents to grow their family.

It’s also important to consider the benefits of adoption for the adoptee.

The adoptee will benefit from having the opportunity to grow up in a loving family with parents who are ready to raise a child. With open adoption, the adoptee will also be able to get to know their birth mother as they grow up.

Important Adoption Phrases and Term

As you prepare for adoption, you might be curious about the adopting definition in Missouri. There are many different words and phrases related to adoption. Learning each of them can be difficult and complicated, so we’ve compiled a guide to some of the most common definitions of adoption in Missouri.

  • Adoptive Family – The adoptive family definition in Missouri means the family who welcomes an adoptee. The adoptive family may include parents, siblings and extended relatives.
  • Birth Parent – Just as you think about the definition of adoptive parents in Missouri, you might be curious about the definition of birth parents. A child’s birth parent is the mother who gives birth to the child. Sometimes, the child’s birth father is also involved in the adoption process.
  • Adoptee – The adoptee is the child who is adopted and welcomed into their new, loving family.
  • Adoption Triad – This is a common adoption phrase used to reference the adoptee, the birth parents and the adoptive parents.
  • Placement – This is the word for what happens when a child is placed into the arms of their adoptive parents for the first time.

There are many adoption definitions in Missouri, so it’s important to take your time to truly understand all of the different words and phrases associated with adoption.

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